China Intelligent Urbanization Co-Creation Center for High Density Region (CIUC): The announcement of the First Group of Projects Open for Bidding in 2013

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China Intelligent Urbanization Co-Creation Center for High Density Region (CIUC) was established in November 2012. It was co-founded by Tongji University, Fudan University, Chinese Society for Urban Studies (CSUS) and a number of universities and research institutions. CIUS receives the support and guidance of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MOHURD), the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) and Shanghai municipal government. CIUC embraces the goal of the urbanization development -"intensive, smart, green and low-carbon", and strengthens collaborative research in the theory, technology and practical application of the urbanization development through the mechanism of institutional innovation and multi-joint strength, in order to tackle the key problems in the intellectual development, cultivate top talent in urbanization, and build a world-class intelligent urbanization think tank, providing theoretical basis, decision-making advice and technical support for China's new urbanization development.


We hereby invite bids from domestic and international bidders for research projects in 2013. Details of the bidding process are the following.


  1. Research Topical Areas Open for Bidding

1.      Comparative analysis of international smart urbanization in the global age

2.      Population projection and urbanization of population analysis in the process of smart urbanization

3.      Research on typology and spatial distribution of urban and town structures based on population agglomeration patterns

4.      Research on coordinated development of regional population, resource, and environment in the context of smart urbanization

5.      Strategies for urban security and against “urban pathologies” under rapid urbanization

6.      Research on effective control of urban spatial patterns and urban development density

7.      Research on inter-city economic and social functional integration and differentiation within large metropolitan regions

8.      Analysis of basic public service, industrial support, and research innovation of urbanization

9.      Assessment of industrial land use efficiency and solutions for rural collective industrial construction land uses

10.   Strategic analysis of urban information management and smart operation

11.   Analysis of institutions and policies for urbanization with Chinese characteristics


  1. The Institutions Eligible for Bidding

The bids are open for domestic and foreign universities, research institutions, social organizations and other qualified institutions reviewed by CIUC.


  1. The Time Available for Bidding

From August 1st 2013 to August 31st 2013


  1. The Requirements for Bidding

1.  A Vice-Senior title is required for the bidder, or the bidder needs the formal recommendation of two seniors in the similar area.

2.  The bidder should have good research background and the research team should include government and industry staff to enhance the applicability and relevance of the research.

3.  Without further explanations, the research period for the main projects should be less than ten months, and other projects should be less than six months.

4.  The funding for the main projects is ¥100,000 each one, and other projects is between ¥30,000 and ¥50,000 each one.


  1. The Bidding Process and Material Requirements

1.  The bidding material should be concise and focus on the key points. The material requirements are in the attachment. “The Project Application” should have the signature and official seal of the institution where the bidder works. The paper material should have 7 copies and the electronic material should be submitted by E-mail. 

2.  CIUC will organize experts to review all the material before the deadline and determine the institutions who can take the projects.


  1. Contact Information

China Intelligent Urbanization Co-Creation Center for High Density Region (CIUC)

Room 408, Building Wenyuan, Tongji Universtiy, NO.1239, Road Siping, Shanghai, China, 200092

Contact Person: YANG, Xiu




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